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Protecting Productivity and Mitigating Risk

enterprise_corporate-typesTo the modern enterprise, the web represents both a valuable resource as well as a source of risk. You want to ensure that your employees have access to the content and resources they need while ensuring that they are not distracted by content that is not relevant to the company's needs (or worse yet, represents a risk to the organization). Acceptable use policies are a good first step, but without the technology to monitor and enforce these policies, the risks and threats to the company remain.

Why Choose Netsweeper?

  • Flexible policies that you can tailor to the needs of your organization by department, role, or other criteria
  • Software-based technology that you can implement on industry-standard Intel hardware (rather than proprietary appliances)
  • Support laptops as well as network-based filtering so that acceptable use and risk mitigation continues even off the network
  • Dynamic analysis of new web content, adding 10+ million new URIs to the more than 5 billion URIs already categorized by Netsweeper
  • Deployable out-of-band (instead of inline), minimizing risk, latency and bandwidth overheads


Key Netsweeper Features for the Enterprise

Netsweeper solutions are well-suited to the needs of today's enterprises.
  • The fastest web content filtering and access management solution in the market that operates 'in-the-core' of your network without resulting in latency and lagging performance issues
  • Centralized web-based administration tools empower IT Managers to control Internet access and activity on a global, group or per user level while also delegating access controls to other named staff
  • Detailed reporting on Internet use and activity to ensure usage is in line with corporate acceptable use policies
  • Scalable, flexible and reliable solution that will integrate with your existing infrastructure and will support your business now and in the future, without the need for extensive investment in hardware
  • Provide zero-hour network protection against web-borne viruses, malware and phishing threats to ensure network reliability to students and teachers
  • Advanced web-based administration console, enabling IT management complete operational control over application, including: policy management, reporting, administration access, etc.
  • Ability to better manage network bandwidth by controlling access to high bandwidth resources

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